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  1. until

    I won't be attending some one can take my place
  2. Hi Thanks for feedback EasyVFR basic is free but that only let you be aware of airspaces around tou EasyVFR is next with £69/years subsection is not cheap for pensioner who only fly 15-20 hours a year FlySkyHy will be great I have purchased few extensions of that and really like using that Safesky doesn't connect via SE2 but works on internet and provides data from a ground based server which has delay which I have tried at local strip my friend has landed his light aircraft and it was showing plane linking up for landing There is another app AirMAte claim to be using GDL90 feed from SE2 I have been trying that it shows connected to SE2 and I have not seen any traffic on that yet when I can see two or three of my friends flying above I can see them on Safesky but not on AirMate My SE2 surely works sending and receiving data connected to my friend's SkyDemon
  3. Hi Lee thanks for feedback I have made separate line and separate mini toggle and kept the line extra long to adjust later once I have checked in flight I do prefer my hands below my shoulders to be comfortable
  4. This may not be in correct catagory I need to ask as CCA's offer of 50% rebate many of pilots have take the offer and must be using this to transmit there location and some also see other traffic with SE2 connected to IOS or Android device My question is is there inexpensive app IOS or Android that can show air traffic nearby received directly by SE2 not from ground server There are some subscription based apps and ends up very expensive Looking for something cheap with one off purchase
  5. I made mini toggle big enough for two fingers and will be a second pulley or ring attached close to break pulley I will send picture later as wig is packed up and raining outside
  6. Thanks Alan I have heard and seen some modes on some other gliders but within my group circle I am the only one flying Boxer GT
  7. Has any one tried to add tip steering to ITV boxer GT yet as it looks easy modification by adding single line to last three trailing edge same length as break line from that point I am in the process of doing this and like to hear if any one has done this or is this is not recommended
  8. Also if you have any pictures you can send on my mail alyssa05@btinternet.com
  9. Hi Matthew Happy new year Can you please tell what price you are looking for your EOS 150?
  10. View Advert ITV Boxer GT Medium Looking for ITV Boxer GT size medium in good condition any colour scheme is accepted Can collect or you can post eMail, text or message me here Advertiser Danny Danjal Date 26/10/20 Price £1,234.00 Category Wings  
  11. In touch now as he replied Thanks
  12. Hi I am in Suffolk close to Norwich I normally fly with other friend near Norwich airport and also fly at Wingland airfield near Spalding Lincs May be you can help I have sent message to Mitch130 after seeing his advert for ITV Boxer GT M But there is no reply Does any one have any info if he is still selling or sold that Best regards Danny
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