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Light Aircraft Festival


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'Light Aircraft Festival 2017' 

Full PMC member? Come and see us in the PMC 'VIP' tent at this event. :-) 


A new event for 2017 hosted by @Brad and his team on a perfect set of fields. 

Exact location and directions will follow but will be based in the county of Lincolnshire.

There will be a limit of 500 tickets with 250 of those pilot tickets.

To get your ticket, please contact Brad using the link above and he will email you the details. :-) 

The great thing about the event is the variety of aircraft types, There will I am sure be many opportunities to 'hitch a ride' in a number of aircraft. And of course CM Paramotors will be there to offer Tandem Paramotor flights as well. 


The charity has been picked and info will follow. 

Event Facebook page

** Live Music ** Children's Entertainment ** Food ** Bar ** 


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    • Tagging along with this conversation i too very interested  As paramotor trike launch only any way I can legally use 118.675 would be ideal especially if I don’t need exams and fees safety being paramount think it would encourage more to have if only for rx rather than rx chat line baufang £30 special takes care of flight chatter would definitely like to be legal though but for what range we have on handhelds is it ott  
    • Hi guys im interested and considering the fta850l for para take off from local airfields i agree in the scheme of things £275 is a fair price but for an occasional user learning morse for the occasional use plus yearly payments for what may only be a few minutes a year use on a mobile transceiver that can not be easily tranced make most just not bother like ham which I did well over 30 years ago I’ve forgotten op% of it so unless you use almost daily it’s a waste of time but in an interest of safety I’m still very interested  maybe if more for rx than tx work my use would solely be for take off acceptance the secondary 2m walkie talkie would take care of the rest which again is none traceable in flight at 5 watts max the range is very limited and in the interests of safety you would have thought the CAA would have agreed to allow specific frequency for paramotors and sub 70 class now as licence free im sure for those who scrimp and save the limited amount of airspace required would be for the greater good rather than the greedy   id like to think beacons and radios become compulsory for anything that flies the fta850l radio now around £350 I think is worth every penny even if I can’t legally use it   my need is slightly greater than most I’m disabled and can’t walk so if I down then another lifeline albeit a last resort.    
    • Admin can you sort the forum out please ive added a new thread even though pictures accepted not added then when you go to add more pictures in a reply you cant im not using photo bucket or url just posting direct from phone thanks
    • I’m getting sick with this forum ive added four pictures and nothing then when trying to add more pictures in a reply nothing can admin assist please before I leave for good thanks
    • A Assist added second design of new riser arms to give me more room aircraft grade aluminium  if anyone wants let me know I can get laser cut easily new transport frame clamps onto towbar hold trike built up except axles new design from first design which just weren’t comfortable for me for those concerned with strengths these are well overrated and a lot stronger than any production arm sold 10mm thick stress zones applied and removed full aircraft grade aluminium so light and safe
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