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Day 2 - The Dream Develops




It’s been 5 weeks since i had my first lesson in Paramotoring. 
Since then there have been a few variables that have led to such a long absence from the airfield:
  • Weather
  • Family life 
  • Work
  • Other hobbies
The main cause out has been the weather. I have a bit of a better understanding of the weather requirements now so now i look for a good wind - Average of <10mph and gusts under 15mph. That’s about my limit.

But it’s hasn't been a wasted 5 weeks!

The night of my 1st session, i ordered what has now become a bible and regular bedtime read - ‘Paramotoring from the ground up’ 2013 edition. 
This is a great book that covers so much in a really easy-going way: 
  • FLPA exemption (Which means i can’t take a cup of coffee up with me because if the cup falls, that contravenes Schedule 3 of the Foot-Launched Powered Aircraft Exemption - which includes dropping people (??)). 
  • Introduction to the aircraft (i’ll stop calling it a parachute with a motor - i think aircraft sounds betters!)
  • How it actually fly’s - Lift, drag, the controls etc
  • Mastering the Wing - of which some of my learning was validated when i finally got my 2nd lesson in)
  • The Power Unit (I didn’t even know how a 2-stroke engine worked!)
  • As well as the rest: Instruments, hardware, rules, laws, airspace, weather and (excited bit) competitions
Overall, the book has really helped me on a number of levels - learning, keeping the ‘drive to fly’ present, and giving my confidence.
O and i also order my own wing… the not so expensive part of the kit… (exciting!!!!!)
So on the night of the 17th (June), i text Simon after looking at the not-so-perfect weather “are we good to go?”. 
"Yes mate ? Se you tomorrow" was the response got…  BOOM! We’re on!!! 
So Saturday morning, i arrived promptly at 9am ready for the day. 
There were a few other there that i hadn’t met - all at similar levels. 
I met the guy that went to a trade-type show to buy a t-shirt and walked away with a paramotor! Awesome bit of kit btw…. (didn’t see the t-shirt thought lol)
and i has my first task of ‘F*ck he’s gunna crash… ooo no he didn’t, ooo he’s about to have a wind direction pole anally inserted…. ooo no he didn’t!) that incidentally didn’t scare me off - just made me wanna get up there! 
So as for the training….
After re-familiarisign myself with the kit, building the wall, ‘making love with the wing’ and general practice, i moved on to a full sized wing!
This was great…. more force but slower reaction time to the wind… which actually gave more thinking time…. 
I also did the reverse launch…. 
Reverse launch?
Yes - you face the wing, get it in the air, twist 180 degrees and run! simple…. got the hang of that pretty quick (thanks to imprinting the instructions from the book followed by confirmation and more tips to improve from the instructor… felt more autonomous today ?
TIP: I wore some gym gloves today…. so the cables arrmchign the wing to the harness didn’t rub my hand raw… (Less from the last lesson). 
So - not much more to say apart from:
“you’ll be taking your first flight next lesson… “ 
Yes! I’ll be in the air actually flying solo!!! Hopefully i won’t be almost flying into trees and i’ll try to prevent the wind direction pole from inserting itself anally!!!! haha
So here's a little arial drone video edit i've knocked up showing the airfield, and someone training their 'ground handling'... :) Hope you like it... (and i mean 'knocked up' btw... )



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