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Solutions For Interiors to sponsor Tip to Tip.


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The Tip-to-Tip 2008 www.tiptotip.co.uk has its second confirmed sponsor to join The Channel IT and Hewlett Packard combined wing!

The second sponsors ‘Solutions for Interiors’ www.solutionsforinteriors.co.uk specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture and bespoke items for individual and specialist projects. The MD ‘Simon Payne’ Confirmed today that his business was to donate the required £5k to brand one of the six wings for this event.

Simon Westmore the event organiser say’s, “this is the news we need at this point. Solutions for Interiors becoming involved at this early stage will ensure a swift change of gear for the event! We expect to have all of the Tip to Tip equipment in as little as 6 weeks from now including the Paramania Revolutions and the Parajet Macro Paramotors we will be flying! We are now in a position where the people ‘interested / thinking about ‘ sponsoring a wing far exceeds the number of wings, which I did not expect but is great.”

Simon Payne the MD is also a keen Paramotor Pilot and has been one of the six Tip to Tip pilots from the very start, The increase in media interest and the charitable effect of this flight have helped to make this decision. “ This is more than Just a flight from Lands end to John O Groats, I am more than happy to sponsor it!”

Thanks Simon Payne!


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