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Your probably about 140kg all up. Something you need to be sure about is your all up weight.

Have a look at this, some info on descent rates and what it feels like.

http://www.custom-air.co.uk/Custom_Air_ ... chute.html

So now you can see the importance of getting below that 5.5m/s

Ozone Angel is great value for pack size vs kg support at a fair price. If at 140kg you'd be right at the top.

Plenty to choose from, as pack size comes down, price goes up. With the side pocket on your harness. 2kg pack size fits. Not sure anything much bigger will fit.

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Ozone 140 is about £400 and 2kg packed. (It's not just a weight, This gives an idea of size)

If your over that the Independence Ultra cross 150 is pretty special. 150kg chute at only 1.6kg which gives a compact pack. But for this technology you'd pay £800

Prior to that the older style chutes are 2.7kg + and possibly not fit in the pocket.

You would then have to go front mounted.

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