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Guh, I think I'm done with unpowered paragliding.

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So I just got my license for unpowered flight and I haven't gotten a motor yet. I'm currently on a road trip. Everywhere I see is:

- The wind's not right - the direction isn't right for lift or it's not strong enough.

- All the hills and places that could theoretically be launched from is on private property. I've got plenty of flat open public spaces, but of course I can't use them for unpowered flight.

- The places that ARE available like coastline ridges are hours away by car. Or they are on private property and I need to arrange logistics with the clubs, the landowner, car rides, meeting times, make sure I close gates behind me so livestock doesn't escape, etc.

- If I bomb out I need to hitchhike back to my car.

So really. I want to fly. But this is getting ridiculous. There are plenty of beautiful places here - rolling hills, fields, bays, islands, peninsulas. I want to fly them all. But I can't. I have all my glider gear and I can't do anything with any of it.

Has anyone experienced this frustration before? Is this what pushed you to go with the motor?

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Hi fuzzy. From a previous post you mentioned you were in New Zealand. Finding it hard to imagine your struggling with free flying options here in NZ. Within 2 hours from home in any direction opens up a huge variety of different free flying options, coastal, thermal and in a variety of directions and strengths.

It all depends where and what your looking for? A planned trip ridge soaring at the coast may end up flying some low dunes due to wind but still awesome fun and airtime.

The motor sure does open up a whole lot of different opportunities, especially in light wind, and is my preferred method of flight. But the free flying option is still very good here.

Have a look around.


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Just get a Paramotor :-)

You don't have to burn your Paragliding bridges.

I have a good friend on the South island near Wanaka who has been flying Paragliders for over 25 years now. If your anywhere near there.. let me know and I can hook you up.

But still get a Paramotor anyway! :-)


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Having a family meant I no longer had time to spend a day parawaiting. A paramotor was the answer for me.

I was based in Auckland NZ.

Now in Singapore, and have to leave the country to do either. PPG is by far a more enjoyable and reliable escape from daily life.

Get yourself some earmuffs with active noise cancellation, and the added noise is not really an issue. In fact I listen to more music (and enjoy it more) when flying than at other times.

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