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Corsair Black Devil- Best propellor?


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Hi guys,

I started flying paramotors in May this year and it's fair to say I'm hooked! I read this site daily and am amazed by how much good info is on here. I bought a second hand Paramotor with a Corsair black devil engine and have had great fun flying it through the summer. I've been steadily building my hours and experience but after an unfortunate 'incident' the other day I now need a new propeller! The one I had on was a no name wooden prop, 120cm long. It flew fine to me, the engine revved up nicely and there was more than enough thrust to get me airborne. I have no idea what type it was or what the actual pitch was. My iPhone spirit level shows it to be approx 11degrees? I tried my friends 120cm 16 degree prop and the engine couldn't spin it fast enough to get me airborne. Can any of you guys recommend a prop for my engine? I can't seem to find any info about the correct prop length/pitch etc.

Many thanks in advance, Rob

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