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Critique my gear selection so far?

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So I just started paragliding training. I have maybe 5 flights and I'm 75kg.

So far, I have on order:

GIN Pegasus - the instructors told me that this would be a good beginner wing for BOTH paragliding and paramotoring. I want the option to always be able to do both.

GIN Yeti Convertible Harness - I travel a lot with other gear (skiing, diving, etc) so weight and compactness is very very important. Comfort-wise, it could be better, but luckily I'm pretty small (5'5") and the lack of adjustability doesn't affect me too much. I prefer having a bucket seat versus a split leg, but there doesn't seem to be any bucket seat type of harness that's anywhere close to the weight of the Yeti. I also like that the Yeti is pretty modular.

This is the motor (I don't have it on order yet):

Backbone Light 125 - very light at 21kg but with more thrust than anything else in its weight class. The MiniPlane is also light but has less thrust. I want the option to eventually use the same motor for tandom flights.


As expected, I completely suck at ground handing at the moment, so that's what I'm focusing on, as well as everything else. Haha, so much information!

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I know you don't want to hear it but, forget about the Tandem, there is an awful lot to learn even after you have passed everything. I had the same idea and bought a tandem capable motor and reserve, four motors later and with the reserve nearly out of date I am getting into tandems.

At your weight, you can't go wrong with the Top80 Miniplane.

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Another good point made above. :-)

It will be at least a year or two before you will feel confident enough to take passengers I recon.

Sort yourself out, get good, then worry about other people :-)


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Yeah, my instructors told me it would be at least two years before I'm good enough to do tandem, BUT I'd still like to plan for the future, especially since it seems like the Backbone is the same weight as the Miniplane and provides greater thrust. Best of both worlds?

Are there any downsides to getting a harness like the Yeti? The leg straps can't be adjusted and it's a split leg design.

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I had a (PAP) Ros 125... never again. I think the Backbone was ok when it came with the less stressed Ross 100.

Yeti Convertible.....mmm. I cant find any certification for it which as a beginner might be something you'd want(?) I see it has an airbag 'tied on' underneath (but it doesn't go up your back).... I have something similar from Mac Para (without the airbag) and while it's fine for short flights, I wouldn't use it on long thermal flights, I'd want something that was more comfortable and felt more secure. Have you looked at the Karpofly Xion (3.4Kgs) or X-apls (3.1Kgs)? Only a bit more weight but they have the best back protection in their class and are proper, secure harnesses, with seat boards.

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