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(Q) Next Wing Move? (after the Muse 3)

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My first post on here - and a great resource BTW.

I've now got about 60-70 hrs under my belt here in Florida flying the Nirvana Rodeo and MacPara Muse 3 wing - a great combination :D. I'm having a great time and now looking to move to a faster and more manoeuvrable wing. I tend towards throwing it around and enjoy low flying, tight pattern touch and goes, and turning tight etc.

:wingover: I've read many of the comments here and know there's a lot to consider. I find the Rodeo a great Paramotor but I now find the wing rather slow and the roll rate a little low for me. I am a 55 yr old RAF pilot (ex F4s) and fixed wing instructor - but building my PPG experience..

So I am ready for something better but is the Paramania GTR 22m too much, would the Dudek Nucleon WRC 23m be OK, or should I hold-back? I also like the sound of the GTX too. I'd welcome views. I have an offer of a GTR 22m for only $3130 new - and it sounds very tempting and ready for collection at Beach Blast very soon. I know it would be 'twitchy' when compared with the Muse 3 but I enjoy active flying and long distance cruising is not yet for me.

I post videos of my flying here to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMA3WszG0ZrQN6whjNG6uQg/videos) and this will give an idea of my skill level. Advice here ranges from the Nucleon to the GTR and I have offers of being able to test both (a 23m Nucleon and a 24m GTR) so I will certainly do so.

I look forward to the advice. I know there's lots here already but new wings are coming out all the time, technology is maturing (as is an appreciation for reflex!), and the offer of a GTR at $3130 (incl) very tempting indeed...



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Hi Tony,

I'm still pretty new to PPG but seriously addicted to XC, coming up to my second year and about 250 hours with 500 hours inland paragliding before to give you context. My "thing" is flying large FAI triangles ie 100km+ and 3 hours, this is very different to people flying the coast or wanting to throw the wing around for an hour etc.

I really enjoy trying different wings so have flown a few with most of my hours on the WRC and recently purchased the Kougar 2.

Anyoo, the WRC. In short I love it..!

  • Large speed range, from slow to very fast. Size for size haven't found a wing faster on all out trimmers.
    Very well behaved in nasty air. No wings are ever totally bomb proof, but I've been caught out in some nasty air and it's trucked on through so pretty hairy turbulence.
    Agile. It's surprisingly agile on the main brakes which aren't heavy and good on the tip steering.
    I love the riser construction, they are complex initially, but lots of nice features like torq steer compensation, numbered trimmer adjustment, nice tip steering toggles etc
    Good to launch, though you need to get into it..! Two steps back and go go go. :-) It's pretty tolerant of stoping and tends to hang in the air with slack lines waiting for you to get going. Certainly not a beginner wing, but well behaved.

The only negative is efficiency, it does require a fair amount of RPM when you let the trimmers out. I've dropped at least 10% RPM on the Kougar.

I bought the Kougar 2 for more efficiency but definitely keeping the WRC for speed and fun. :-)

Personally if you are looking for more of a throw around wing I'd be more looking at the Dudek Snake or new GTR


PS I've also flown the Speedster, BGD, Sun Razor and hmmm couple of others but not the GTX

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