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Trike needed

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I just got out of hospital after being in for a week after landing on a fence when freeflying. I have several significant breaks, mostly within the right knee. The physios have said that once the cast is off (I have a full-length cast on the right leg) if I work hard at my exercises then I should be able to fly again with 6-12 months. Aaargh! How am I supposed to stay on the ground for all that time!

So I am looking at buying a lightweight trike so that I can take off and land on wheels. This will help protect my knee from future damage as well even once the 12 months has passed.

The only trouble is that I don't really have any money available to buy a new trike. I reckon I could source up to £500 from my bank and pay it back over a year or two - it would be worth it to get back in the air. Does anybody happen to have a trike that they would like to sell? Or perhaps somebody knows someone who could build a simple light trike?

My motor is a Fresh Breeze Solo unit, and when I bought it (from Alan McNab) it was mounted on a trike (I think it was a Bullix trike) and I adapted it back to foot-launch, so I know it works well on a trike.

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