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How to cross borders with a Paramotor

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Just thought I would offer a little tip to anyone wanting to take a Paramotor through Central American borders.

A couple days ago the missus and I drove from Mexico to Guatemala, and in the process crossed the Belize and Guatemalan borders. Usually you would have to pay an import tax and possibly have an argument with border officials, but...

I wrapped my paramotor up minus the cage in a motorbike cover so that just the straps were showing in such a way that it looked like an unwieldly backpack. when the officials asked what it was I just said paragliding equipment and hey presto! Through you go, no import taxes.

It probably wont work all the time, but I saved myself a couple hundred bucks at the borders, so give it a go. Next step, getting in the air in Antigua.

If you want to read about driving down to Guatemala I wrote a post about it you can check out here.




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