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Parajet Thor 200 EVO Electric Start CUSTOM

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now up for sale fellas....PM me your email address for pics as i cant figure out how to upload them here!

Parajet Thor 200 EVO Electric Start Custom!! ( still under warranty )

To buy this machine to day would set you back around 6300 ( if you could buy one )

macro chassis purchased bare alloy then sent to machine polishers, prior to sending back to PJ for assembly

Anodising orange to frame parts

Thor 200 ELECTRIC and PULL start - amazing - worth the 1kg extra weight over standard,

Engine has run less than 25 hours, has been fitted with the initial base gasket mod, since then i upgraded the exhaust with the evo version ( slightly bigger diameter ) and i have now just purchased the EVO head and cooling upgrade which i will fit prior to sale in addition to a gear oil and general service.

From virtually new this has been fitted with a supa tuna and has been very closely monitored and tuned to the optimum in terms of performance and engine temperature safety, its never been over heated - it runs faultlessly on the walbro carb fitted.

The harness is the latest apco light with removable side pockets

as you can see, the condition is dare i say almost as new?

looking for around £4500 - May deal with a Golf GT TDI if you have one knocking about. i have a separate spares package that may be available by negotiation also

Apart from the parajet remaining warranty ( about 2 months ) i am happy to help out as much as i can after that point, which is worth noting - im known quite well on here and paramotoring is a small community of which i am part of.

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