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Revo1 Risers/trimmers


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Hi, I have an original Revo1 which I'm quite happy with for general bimbling about (apart from the brakes feeling like lead), but I'm not happy with the original belt buckle style trimmers, they are really awkward to use and when pulling the trimmers in (slow) it actually pulls the entire riser set down before they move. I see Paramania supply replacement risers for Revo1 & 2, does anyone know if the replacements for Revo1 would have the newer style cam release clamp? as in the Revo2 or dudek wings? Or would the revo2 trimmers fit the revo1 wing, cant see why not but thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I can't answer the question but I have a Revo1 and a Revo2 and find the the same effect on both wings. The D's are sufficiently unloaded with trims out that you need to sort of jerk the trim to get it moving or you pull the D down. I'm not sure you'll notice a great difference on the Revo2 setup.

Use the App.

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Thanks, I guess one main advantage would be that the cam style are much easier to release, with the buckle setup you have to pull the riser tape rearwards before it slides out, just pressing a cam release would be simpler? Or at least it seemed much simple on my synth.


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