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Helmets, vents and ear protection


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I have decided to invest in a new helmet, and seek a little advice about air vents and ear protection. From the outset I’m not going down the radio communication route this time, I only plan to listen to MP3 music for the time being.

Regarding air vents, how much difference do they really make? For the sake of this question I’m comparing the Icaro TZ with the Icaro Fly UL (both similarly priced with ear protection), but would be drawn to the Fly UL if the vents make a noticeable difference to comfort in warmer weather.

Regarding the ear protection, it appears either Icaro helmet can be supplied with Peltor III earmuffs. But, though this set-up will definitely serve me well, and is infinitely better than what I’m used to, my attention has been drawn to sound cancelling, helmet mounted muffs like the NoiseBusters.


The first question is: would these (or something similar) offer a notable improvement in noise isolation compared to the Peltor III’s in the real world? FYI I fly a Bailey fourstroke.

The second question: are the clips that attach muffs to helmets universal (will either fit?)

And the third question: is the sound quality of the included 3.5mm jack earphones in the NoiseBusters even worth bothering with???

I’m leaning towards the TZ with Peltor III’s and decent in-ear buds (currently use SoundMagic E30’s which are amazing...) but would like to do a bit of homework before committing.

Plus, of course, and suggestions where I should buy from would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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I have the noise busters on my rig.

Can't live without them, its like night and day.

I used to wear sunglasses and they didn't always seal properly around the ears. Now that i'm out of that habit they work much better. You need active noise cancellation for the low frequencies, would imagine the 4T noise is a lot lower than 2T, so they probably will be even more effective.

Can't understand why more people don't use them.

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Many of the Peltor style ear cups are effectively interchangeable but it's not easy to swap them without damaging something. I've found the black plastic slide outers to be almost impossible to remove from the cups. It's actually easier to remove the slide outers from the wire, although the wires have swaged ends so tend to stretch the tight end of the outer. A little heat helps. This is either perfectly clear or a collection of random words.

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