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Sunday the 10th


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With the exception of a little morning valley fog (which makes for great pics) I think that it is no secret that tomorrows weather is going to be peachy!

The top site (the flagpole) can now be accesed by car. (although dont bring your DB9's, 360's, or 440r's )

I have to do a petrol run early in the morning so please just go directly to the field and I will be up there as soon as possible. (about 09:00) I hope.

Terry I will bring the prop with me.

What a day it felt like summer! (low level thermals and all!)


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Sunday was the best day of the year so far!

A take of with Colin for an hour and 6 min flight up through the valley, over the inversion and on up to 5300ft

Into wind was ok at 10-12mph, quite a long slog getting up the valley.

On the return flight I was rewarded with a view of the welsh mountains popping out through the top of the inversion. (It was a mind boggling site from that height.)

After landing we had a day full of Slims first flight, a taster day (new student) and another possible.

Then just as we are packing up the day was ended with a surprise fly in from Clive Eagles and his crew from Hook, who stopped at the Lambourn club after an hour and 25 min XC as re-fuel and brew up. (a perfect example of the club hopping that we will be doing more of I hope.)

All in all a busy, fun, rewarding day.


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