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Sunday 10th Feb

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Hey Chris,

I was talking to a guy at Brick Kiln today who has seen you / someone flying. He mentioned your name as someone he has heard of.

It looks as though he will be sorting the Berkshire lot out with a flat green grass field, large shed, and even electricity!!

Praise the lord for landouts!


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Thats the one :D

I am fairly sure that we will secure that field before a week has passed as a perminant site. As you say small world.

He did say that his Fkin car was playing up ever since you serviced it :wink::wink:

in fact he took it out just before we left.

Great field though aint it!

I was SOOOOOOOO close to landing out at your place! I though you would not be there on a Saterday and that if you were you were to busy to take me home :lol::lol:


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It's a very good field if its the one I'm thinking of, and only a mile away fom a petrol/food station.

Your more than welcome to land out at our place, it can be a bit tight for taking off though depending on the wind, just watch out for the ponies wandering free!!!


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