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Independence reserves

LTF (german type approval)-certified

The Joker (yes i know!!!)

Annular Form with a middleline

Extremely short opening time

Container with help canopy for controlled opening

High load

Two sizes

Joker Medium (max. 100kg) 290,00

Joker Large (max. 119kg) 300,00

Annular, a larger central hole with lift generated both around the outer lip and around the 'anus', slower descent and more stable.

Annular 20 (max. 100kg) 410,00

Annular 22 (max. 120kg) 440,00

Annular 24 (max. 160kg) 470,00

Annular 30 (max. 200kg) 620,00

Annular 36 (max. 250kg) 700,00

I use the seven up.

Seven UP M (max. 100kg) 480,00

Seven Up L (max 120 kg) 480,00

Opening time: the SevenUp's special shape makes it less bulky and induces a completely different opening sequence compared to other conventional round parachutes. As soon as the suspension lines are stretched, the opening phase of the SevenUp by the leading edge is immediate. Conventional round parachutes first look like a pear when inflating, then deploy roughly as soon as the leading edge is completely exposed to the relative wind.

The leading edge of the SevenUp inflates as soon as the the canopy catches some relative wind. The opening time is shorter and the opening shock is not that violent, particularly at high speeds.

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