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Adventure F2 Help Needed


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Thanks to Col, i now have an exploded diagram for the Solo210, however the nyloc nuts that hold the prop on are called MR24 in the exploded diagram, i cant find anything on ebay for MR24, does anyone know the correct size nyloc nuts for these?



Never mind, found theyre an M8 :)

Onto other things lol ...

Under the Tiltson carb which i presume is the fuel intake... its missing the fuel hose, nearby and coming up from the fuel tank is a slightly thinner fuel hose dangling, should there be a fuel filter and slightly thicker hose that connects to the bottom of this carb?

Exhibit A:


Any help appreciated :)

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Hi Rob,

Can't explain what the thin pipe shown in your pic is. My F2 (tillotson) has the fuel pipe coming out of the fuel tank thru the filler cap, then thru the priming bulb. The only filter is a gauze in the carb itself. Sorry, I've tried 3 times to upload a pic but it keeps rejecting it although i've modified it each time.

I've never flown my F2 as the cage has some collateral from the prev owner, but the engine is beaut, so I'm ditching the fibreglass and building a conventional larger cage to take a F3 sized 115cm two-blade prop, as the original 4-blade is 300+ euros from born-prop.

Regards, Bob.

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