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Loads of Canon camera kit for sale.


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Hi all

Well I’ve decided to downsize my collection of camera equipment as I don’t use it enough to warrant keeping it. I’m looking to downgrade to a used Canon 450D or 500D to use with my Paramotor & now have the following for sale, all of which is in far too nice a condition to take flying:

Canon EOS 50D body. Looks like new & I would guess has not taken more than 2000 photo’s. Comes with box & 2 chargers (American type with UK adaptor plugs). £500.

Canon EF 28-70 F2.8L lens. If you didn’t know they haven’t made these for a few years you would believe it’s new. The shade has a few minor scuffs, but you have to look hard to see them! Comes with original hard case. £500.

Canon EF 50mm F1.8 Mark 1. The one with the metal mount. Like new. £120.

B+W F-Pro 77mm Circular Polarising filter. Like new. £60.

B+W F-Pro 77mm UV Haze filter. Like new. £40.

77mm Circular Polarising filter, unknown make (no markings). Looks like new though. £40.

Hitec 85 ND filter set with ND 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9 filters. Filter housing & 67mm & 77mm lens adaptors. £50.

Giottos MML 3290B monopod. Never Used. £35.

2 Genuine Canon batteries for the 50D. £10 each.

1 Duracell battery battery for the 50D. £8.

5 Canon 540EZ Flash Guns, all with cases. 3 have a 2.5mm sync socket added for use with Pocket Wizards, 2 don’t. £55each, except for one (without sync socket mod) which looks like brand new & comes with original user manual & a diffuser & is £65. I also have 1 more diffuser which will go to the first buyer who requests it.

Canon battery pack E. Takes AA batteries & extends the battery life/reduces recycle times for the 540EZ. £20.

5 sets of 4 Eneloop rechargeable batteries, in cases. £5 per set.

4 Pocket Wizard Plus2 Transceivers. Pretty much like new. £75 each.

Tamrac Expedition 7x Camera bag. Awesome bit of kit. £80.

80x80cm Soft box. Comes in a bag. £50

2x Konig KN-LS 10 light stands. Each comes with Flash gun mount & umbrella. £20 each.

All the prices are inclusive of P&P. I am open to sensible offers on multiple items. If you’re local I’m happy for anyone to come & play/look so that you know exactly what you’re getting. If you’re further afield then I’m happy to e-mail photo’s upon request. I really have looked after this equipment & this is represented in the fantastic condition of it all.

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