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Pete stop putting posts on their site, you are giving them a lead.... :?

Ps he 's not joking about the tanks. We have tankmania at our site:D Who would like to play on a tank for a few hours then?

Right no more posts from Leics on this site please. £ 20... make mine a pint of pedigree please Simon W...best make that a ferkin.. :oops:

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The last time I drove a tank it was a a Warrior


I drove a tree over, when I could not stop it from crawling towards it.... I though.. Ahhh good a big king tree, that will stop me.

As the tree made that loud Crack that they make when being pussed over by a tank :lol::lol::lol:

I planted another tree to make up for it!

And stopped soon after by applying MUCH more pressure on the brake

They are top toys.

If your young enough you should Join the ARMY and tell them you want to drive one! I bet my last quid that you will get the job!


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