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Complete paramotor wanted for 75kg newbie


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I'm looking for a paramotor and wing package to get me airborne.

Yes I'd like a new set up but only have a budget of £1500 :( , so what have you got ?

I promise to love it and give it a good home! :lol:

perhaps you know of someone who doesn't use their's much?

any help would be much appreciated

Thanks J

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You'll be lucky to get a motor and wing for that price, you should be able to pick up a new wing though or a second hand motor.

I got a second hand Wing (3 years old) and a second hand motor (1 hour flying time) for £2500

I wouldn't have thought you could pick up anything decent for less than £2000

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I know a man with a wing that has a year left in it at best.. for £700 you will struggle to get a motor for your remaining budget...

Stick aroung though... someone may have a scrap heap challenge in there garage! you never know...

If you try hard enough you will suceed!


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If a deal comes up....

I will let you know, but keep an eye on here (or someone else that you can trust) for that money you are going to get kit to last you 12 months TOPS I recon!

Maybe better off saving a bit more....

Good second hand wing £1000, Good second hand motor, £1500 +


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