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EVDO-Cup 7


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All the information and documents about the EVDO-Cup 7 are ready. It will be taken place 21-23 September (28-30 September – weather reserve).

Also you can view some details (documentation, tasks, program etc - Russian language) here: Documentation

The task consists of 4-5 exercises and the task is timed from launch to landing. Pilots have two attempts at the task, their fastest time of the two attempts will be their score. The fastest task time is the winner. The full description of the tasks is here: Main excersises

There are some classes of pilots:

[*]TOP-Version (professionals) – PF1

[*]TOP-Version (professionals) – PL1

[*]Easy Version (beginners) – PF1

[*]Easy Version (beginners) – PL1

[*]TOP-Version Team Relay – 3 pilots, one of them must be PL1


The fee is 50$-70$ (depends on the class). The minimal promised prize fund is 3000$. But it always increases. It raffles between all classes.

During the tournament we will organize the Exhibition of Paramotor Production. Last year we was visited by Dmitri, representative of Nirvana company in Russia. He showed us the examples of your production and his exhibition attracted pilots for a long time.


After the competition all the pilots will make a mass flight around the picturesque town.

For the EVDO-Cup we always organize a camping. There are many pilots for all the three days. But you always can choose a Hotel, if you need.

The period of advance registration and advance payment is 1-31 August. But you also can pay the fee face to face on the competition. As to the registration, when you decide to come, it's better to fill the form as soon as possible, because the visit of your company will allow us to invite the most professional Russian pilots.



If you have any questions, I will answer them with pleasure.




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The period of registration of the EVDO-Cup 7 starts 1.08.12, after 3 weeks. It will finish 31.08.12.

The best Russian paramotor pilots will fight against each other. The prize fund is 3000 USD.

There are different classes of competitions:

•    PF1 – Top-version (for professional pilots)

•    PF1 – Easy version (for newer)

•    PL1 – Top-version

•    PL1 – Easy version

•    Aerochutes

•    Team relay

There will be an exhibition of paramotor production. Everybody can advertise their examples there.

After the competitions we will organize the group flight with all the competitors and guests.

Don’t forget about registration.

Best wishes,


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