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Coup Icare?

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Hi Lloyd, I have been the last 2 years and its a fantastic festival with loads to see and set in the most magical of places. In fact the pictures in this months Paramotor mag are me flying in the valley :D

If you want to fly during the festival you will need proof of insurance and you have to register with the on site marshal so he can give you a sticker for your helmet. Then you are only allowed to fly certain times and certain places, depending what other aerial activities are going on.

The best thing is to get there on the Monday or Tuesday before it starts and you can go where and when you like, plus you can free fly without there being loads of other pilots there.

There is 3 huge fields for free camping in and the expo and cinema are the only things you have to pay to get in to and they are only about €10-15 for the whole weekend.

Quite a few brits already go over but it would be good to see even more there.


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