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New site secured in Winsford :)


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Well done - its always great to secure a new site, especially one that good ! Look forward to an invite as soon as you get the green light..... :wink:

Matt, you should have got in touch as I've also just got back from 2 weeks in Annecy & St. Hilaire. Reached cloudbase 4 times and also took the motor for some superb evening flying. 5000 photo's and over 30GB of video will have to wait for editing as it seems the UK has a mini heatwave now. :)

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Damn. Looking forward to seeing the video. Hopefully will be able to meet at your field near the sea soon, really enjoyed that flight last time we were there.

I did see a pmotor one evening over the doussard end of the lake at annecy - maybe that was you. Was great to see people thermalling over the dents de lanfon one day but didnt get that high myself.

Ive noticed the good forecast in uk but typically im off to oludeniz next week. doh!

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Probably us - we got permission from the landowner but had a visit from the Gendarmes on the last day, warning us that motorised flight was banned from there ..... :oops: Great taking off from the plateau at St. Hilaire though and climbing up over the peaks....

Probably out tomorrow (maybe Edenfield ?) with possibly some motor flying later, but the rest of the week also looks good if your about ?

Winsford would be good though ...... :wink:

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