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Confirmed people involved.


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Just a nice simple list of all of the current people involved with the Tip to Tip.


Indigo Furniture

HP Invent with The Channel


Simon W

Pete Baldwin

Simon Payne

Mike Silvester

Richard (Air Med 01)

Dan Burton (Air to Air Filming)

Ground Crew,

Norman Rhodes Route planning

Terry Walsh Route planning (Stand by Pilot)

Colin Borland first Support van driver

Ken Toogood Second Support van driver

Denny Wise (Forces Childrens Trust Founder) 4x4 Driver

Giles Cardozo Motors and Support Spares.

Buster Lung, Artwork / Graphics

ABC Studio Tip to Tip website

Media Coverage,


ITV West

ITV Central

BBC South West

BBC Midlands

Papers / Mags

The Sun

Paramotor Mag


ITV Local (covers the entire UK with regional sites)

Not to mention of course the regional clubs that are setting up all over the place to help with this!


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Thanks for your help up to now and your continued help with this event. And thanks for letting us know in plenty of time to arrange a replacment.

Make sure you sort out a leg or two in the calender though :D


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