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Need help, buying PPG, which one. Freshbreeze or Blackhawk

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Looking for help please, I'm going to purchase a powered paraglider and would like some advice about which one to buy.

I used to own one about 3 years ago and only did it for a few months then had to sell it.

I bought a Blackhawk and it worked fine.

I'm a airplane pilot and don't want to be an aggressive PPG pilot, I just want to cruise around. Im 43 and weigh 175 lbs.

I talked to the flight junkies guy and he's got a good sales pitch with the fresh breeze but it's $2,000 more.

I can get a good package deal on the Blackhawk with the training harness included.

It seems the fresh breeze has better quality but at a cost of $2,000 more.

Please help me decide, I don't mind spending the extra money if the fresh breeze is truly a WAY better machine. Pluse it comes with free training, even though I think I just need a refresher course.


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Your not going to get many replies as no one really knows Blackhawk here in the UK, some know Fresh Breeze though and they are as good as any other make (pluses and minuses).

At your age and weight (same as me) just make sure your not persuaded to buy something too heavy/ powerful, 80 to 125cc will be plenty if turning a big prop.


XL Miniplane

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Thanks for the replies, I looked at the suggested link and it seems the Freshbreeze might be better BUT it's $2,000 more.

The models I'm debating on t

Is the Paratoys Blackhawk 120 and the Freshbreeze Simonini 122.

I got a discount from Paratoys and the total price would be $6,300 for the full package with the kiting harness included.

The Freshbreeze total (he won't discount) is $8,700 but he'll fly out here and give free training. The harness can also be used for kiting.

I just want the most reliable unit, there is nobody by me that has a PPG, only a few trikes so I'd be pretty much by myself unless I can get some coworkers to get into the sport too.

So any more advise would be great.


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