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Paramotoring with a PG wing


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I am looking for a few opinions on paramotoring with a PG specific wing (e.g. Ozone Buzz Z3). I am only aware of a couple of differences between PG and PPG wings (non-reflex):

1) Lack of trimmers. I have been reading that for non-reflex wings it is safer to use the speed system and not the trimmers (because it can be released faster in case something goes wrong).

2) The lines (especially the ones connecting to the A risers) are usually thicker on paramotor wings.

Am I missing anything else? For those of you that have flown with PG wings did the lack of trimmers was a problem?



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The Z3 is a great wing, but I don't think it can be ordered with trimmer risers so you may wish to look at alternatives for a more rounded dual purpose wing.

Trimmers are not just for increased speed. Having a power unit a good 7 meters below the wing means it generally pushes the pilot forwards relative to the wing, thus increasing the angle of attack of the wing (to relative airflow) - trimmers then reduce the angle of attack back to 'normal'.

Line thickness is unlikely to be an issue flying slightly over the certified range, as most gliders are tested to 8g and you are unlikely to go anywhere near that when motoring in calm air.

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