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CANP midweek flying notification procedure update

Guest francis

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RAF Wittering now have an email inplace that is being monitored thanks to Alistair's persistence.

"The previous quoted addresses on ufly2 and the BHPA website are now no longer in use.

The group email is monitored during normal office hours, Monday to Thursday 07:00 - 23:00 and Fri to Sun 07:00 -17:00

If you’re flying somewhere new, the LFBC prefer a 2-letter, 6-figure grid reference taken from an OS 1:50,000 map, although latitude and longitude will be accepted for the Locationinformation. The name of a nearby village or town is also required.

Rgds Alistair"

If you do notify via email please remember that you should get a phone call back with a briefing number after they open for business. If you don't get a call and a briefing number please let me know and be aware that your CANP has not been promulgated to military aircrews.

This affects anyone flying where the military operate (in particular, for my club, the Oxford AIAA) and around RAF Benson Brize Norton. But military operation scan be anywhere and anytime they please.

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