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parajet cyclone 294 maiden flight...

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this may be in the wrong section....but i never did a training blog..just recorded loads of vids on youtube ( macey2kk )

but anyway...today was the day for the cyclone to get airborne...

apart from pulling my back putting it into the car ( not due to the weight, more so because of the rad on top makes it harder to fit in standing up )

il up the video after ive edited it..but for il say WHAT A MACHINE!!!!

i was rather nervous about the extra power, but to be honest - as scottishmotorman said the spring in the throttle was enough to control the power on launch and i was airborne alot quicker than normal!!.

i will say the machine seems very responsive and has a great smooth power curve.....a little squeeze goes a long way!

the flight itself was great...cruising at level flight with trimmers out on around 1/4 throttle ( dudek synth 34 )

climbing very well when giving it some gas, although i admit i didnt really go much past 1/2 throttle..i didnt need to either.

as for fuel economy..on one flight i cant tell.....but my bud flies a macro with a apco thrust HP...we did the same flight and reckon there wasnt a huge difference in fuel burn between the two....but il report more on this as i fly more.

one thing i noticed most of all was the vibration -- or lack of.....all my fillings are still in place although i was freezing at 3000ft!.

my gripe....which isnt a gripe really......was that it didnt like running on tickover in the air........on the 2 occasions i throttled off it cut out....the first time it restarted after a couple of presses....the second was on my landing approach, but i had a good glide and approach so i left it be and landed out albeit not as close to my car as i would have liked. ( im sure with a little tweaking it will be fine )

(( be interested in scottishmotormans comment on this ))

after landing i started it up and ran up the hill back to the car -- yes its heavier than my previous macro but it wasnt a problem whatsoever.

so in all......a very happy cyclone owner!!!

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One of our local guys had a cyclone that cut out a couple of times in the early days.

I honestly think it's a running in thing as it went away by itself after a couple of hours in the air.


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Glad to hear you've had a good maiden flight - it was a beautiful evening last night and I would have liked to have been out myself but I had some other commitments.

All the points in your write-up ring very true with me including the idling although I haven't had many cut-outs so hopefully that will be solved by running in. Speaking to Gilo when I was collecting my motor back in January he did say it was difficult to tune the engine for low revs. Your notes about vibration also ring true although it's so easy to forget what it used to be like flying a previous machine - I recall having my ears ringing whenever I landed after a longish flight with my previous engine but don't experience that any more.

I look forward to seeing some photos or footage and hearing about your next exploits.

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thanks simon, scottish....

as its the ex demo machine and having done 12 hours i kinda hoped it would be run in now...i suppose time will tell, il just make sure i keep that lipo fully charged before flight!!

other than that.....what a machine!..

@ scottish.. how do find the fuel economy?

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