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Adventure package deals.

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hi guys

Does anybody have an opinion on Advenure paramotors, I am very new to paramotoring (in fact have never flown yet and will be starting ground handling soon)and was looking about and saw they had what i thought was quite a good deal on their wing and paramotor and harness packages :?: The one i was thinking about as i am 105kg was the M4 and the 34 meter premium wing but when i added the weights up thought that might be close to the mark but was wondering if anybody had any dealings with them and what they thought of their gear

cheers :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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I owned an Adventure A3+ for a couple of years, just selling it a few weeks ago. The engine was very reliable, easy to access and work with to sort any little wear and tear issues and plenty powerful for my 95kg payload. For me, the downside was that whenever I had to deal with the company I was continually having to go through a UK distributor (who may not be in place now) and it felt like Chinese whispers as I struggled to get the correct parts delivered and then found them very expensive - over £100 for a new battery!!

I don't think I'd buy one again for these reasons.

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