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The First Committee meeting for the Paramotor Club.


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Calling all all, Committee members.


Chairman, (Simon W, CFI)

Vice Chair, (Edward Coleman, PPG1)

Treasurer, (Sarah Andrews, CIMA, TP)

Secretary, (Tony Fisher, PPG1)

Activities Chairman, (Peter Baldwin, QFI)

Safety Officer, (Richard Whitmarsh, QFI)

And any of the members of the activities committee who wish to attend.

We do need the meeting fairly soon and it will be quite an intense one with lots to cover. I will post the agenda here once you have had the chance to add to it.

If you have items you wish to cover, regarding your area of interest, please do PM me a heading and short description so I can include it in the Agenda.

If you are not on the Committee and wish to have something covered at the meeting please aim the item at the relevant person, EG (event idea, Pete B) Membership Structure (Tony Fisher) and so on.

This is a quick heads up to get you thinking, so please do so, I expect to post a date for the meeting once I have spoken to everyone to arrange a date. (It will be *has to be* in the next 3 weeks.)

The meeting notes will be posted to a soon to be set up secure (members area / PDF store) of the forum along with all the other club info, including account status / balance updates.

The new membership admin system is still on track to be live by the 15th of June and you will be able to re-join the club and access the information.

More soon......


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