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Grettings all,

I'm a newcomer to the sport of paramotoring, and i have about a billion questions. First is obviously equipment. The easiest company for me to find on the web is paratoys, so I;ve contacted them and asked them a bunch of questions. In doing research i came across super del peddling his flat top. He seems to have a vendetta against paratoys, and they've entered into a youtube skirmish, and i cant tell which paraglider is better, or safer, or anything, so i;ve come to the community. Can someone out there shed some light on the benefits of u-turns flat top over paratoys and vice versa?

Now, i live in utah, and i want to do some pretty long cross country flights across some pretty gnarly national forest, and there is a chance i'd be going solo on some of these (i know i know horrible idea), so my question to the community is what is the absolute most reliable engine out there? is there a honda of the paramotoring world? same question for a wing, is there one wing over another wing? what do i even look for in a wing? im assuming the wing question is a stability queston.

My last question is pretty specific. there is a local nut here in town that has way too many para-things. i went in to talk to him and he has a paramotoring setup he'd sell to me. it's a fly 100 that has 3 hours on it for $4800, with an epsilon 3 wing with 50 hours on it for $1000. when i looked up the fly100 that seems more like an engine and not a whole paramotor setup. can anybody tell by the price which harness this is? i know it has a 4 gallon tank on it. Im going to go take a look at this thing friday and will be able to tell you more about it then. can anyone tell me about fly products safety and reliability? can anyone tell me about the eplison 3 and maybe compare it to the paratoys or u-turn k2 wing? (sorry those two products just seem to be the easiest to find on the internet)

thanks again

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