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Hello fellow aviators, I fly an H&E with a Synth34 becouse I'm a lardy ars :lol: and wrong side of sixty, to get aloft!. No probs with launch,the synth is a great wing and the H&E is great engine, never had a problem with it, but feel I need that bit more power .I seem to be nearly always on full revs to maintain level flight. What I was wondering,and---( here is the part where your valued opinions count!--)If I should go for a bigger engine say the mini2 with a bit of oomph behind it.Would I improve on fuel consumption? gain quicker climb rate? also more importantly would it be much heavier than the 32kg of the H&E?. would a mini2 engine fit into my 5 part H&E frame? Would the conversion be simple enough ? What would a mini 2engine and prop cost..?)What would be a fair second hand price,for same,rough guideIf I could get one? --- I have emailed Simonini a few times but they dont seem to like answering emails!So Would that be the best choice of engine?(For parts and service)..Not enspiring when they wont answer emails. Well Finally Any suggestions what an Hybrid H&E mini2 could be called ?it could catch on! :wink: can this be done cost effectively? , and is any one in the market for a low hour H&E engine well serviced and looked after If I went ahead with this? thanks for looking have a nice bank holliday weekend fly safe. Jon.

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