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SOLD- HE R120 1400 Paramotor only 49 hours. £1,990 SOLD


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SOLD: HE R120 1400 Paramotor, now only 49 hours. £1,990. o.n.o SOLD

1400mm 3 part s/s cage, 17ltr tank and a new, unused 125cm Carbon Prop and used 130cm carbon prop. (125 prop bought as a spare and never needed as I always fly with the 130 prop).

I have undertaken a number of improvements including modifying the cage to reduce the chance of damaging the bigger 130 prop, all easily removed if you don’t want them, (no welding).

Very reliable and v.g.c. (but small tear in the rear of the harness, not noticable though). Coil replaced 2h ago. Currently has a quieter PAP muffler, but original included.

(Please note the Reserve parachute and rev counter are not included in this sale).

Summer is coming, so it's time to grab this popular and repspected motor at a good price. Call Stuart on: ............. London/ Surrey/ Hampshire. I also have a Paramainia Revolution 26 for sale too (see my other add).

Here is the manufacturers web site-

http://www.he-paramotores.com/index.php ... s&mod=r120

Here is the UK dealer who stocks a good range of spares that can be sent out next day.

http://www.mwpgc.co.uk/product_info.php ... cts_id=618

Here is a good bit of advice for any would be paramotor pilots who are wondering which type of machine to go for.

http://www.paraventure.co.uk/shop/produ ... 81ffaafe54

Here is the HE thread on the paramotor forum-




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