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pap top 80 start problem

Guest stevepara

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just writing about a problem you might be able to help with, I got a new fuel tank a couple of weeks ago and fitted it, when I tried to start it, it wouldn't start,what seems to be happening is when squeeze the bulb (and I usually poke a cable tie into the carb at the same time) the fuel gets sucked up no problem to the in-line filter but when I let go of the bulb it runs out of the filter but not out of the fuel pipe. I've checked everything, air valve, connections, no kinks in the fuel line, spark plug is sparking, flux capacitor is fluxing, "any Ideas"


ps: the fuel is reaching the carb 'cause if I squeeze too much it runs out,

I've had this motor 2yrs and it has never let me down....till now!! :cry:

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