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MHASC again in Air..........................................

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Hi & Namaste :D

To all PMC Members. Because of yours efforts and help MHASC is again in air and Get chance to complete PPG1.

By the wing (GIN (OASIS M )) donated by PMC at this time i get lots of time for ground handling without paying any money. I practice both morning and evening two to three hrs of ground handling. As a result i make 5 to 6 successful PM flight and really enjoy the flying and learn lots.

Now I confidently say that I can make PM launch by my self and make good flying and landings. I know that I have to learn more and more this is nothing. According to PCOM TP work book which was given by Daji, I am not still qualified for PPG1. In Pune Wing & Flights (institute) PPG1 lesson there is no Navigation class and exercise & lots more. They never take any theory classes. What ever I learn,I all learn from the books only which was donated from PMC members. Now my dream is to be a student of Simon sir or one of PMC Instructor and learn more for to be successful PM pilot & Instructor.

I am very happy to know that Simon sir, Alan sir & Dave sir want to donate some more things (GPS, PM Helmet & Map holder) to me which help me in further flyings.

MHASC Always grateful for your support for to became a successful PMC Pilot.. :wingover:




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