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Kidlington Airspace Threat


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I saw this on the British gliding website at


but can`t find any more info. I don’t know, but if the BGA has concern then it could effect us!

99% of my flying is within 20km of Kidlington!

“Kidlington Airspace Threat 16th September 2009”

“The BGA is concerned at proposals for a significant expansion in commercial air transport activities from Oxford Kidlington. To help combat this potential airspace threat, the BGA wants to establish the number of glider flights that have been made in the area over the last 3–5 years. Could all pilots please spend a little time over the next few weeks looking through their log books and/or traces to work out a) how many flights transited within a 20km of Kidlington airfield over the last 3 or 5 years; and b)how many flights turned within 20km of Kidlington airfield over the same period. It would help if the totals could be sent in an Excel spreadsheet to bgaflights@hotmail.co.uk. Please be as accurate as possible with the totals as they may need to stand up to being scrutinised, i.e the flights should be in your logbook or have traces available. There is no need to include flights included on the BGA ladder as details of these will be included in our totals automatically.”

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