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Parajet Rotron


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Regret no Alec - in speaking to Parajet on Friday I was led to understand that if an order was placed now delivery could be expected by end November. Bearing in mind one delivery time set back to date, when I pushed on this point to seek assurance that delivery would defineatly be by Christmas, the reply I received (and I quote) " ... we expect so".

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Thanks for that. wonder what the problem is. I may just get a Macro but am undecided. I have a Fly Castelluccio Evo 100 at the moment with a Fides 2 wing. It is quite light, climbs very quickly but i have had problems with the engine & getting parts from Italy can take ages. The parajet paramotors are quite heavy & a bit noisy compared to mine. i have flown one (in fact it was my first flight) but they seem reliable & fairly local to me. It is quite difficult to decide which paramotor to get. Every one seems to have different opinions & then which wing suits that particular paramotor? last 3 days have been briliant flying weather though.



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........... I wouldn't be too concerned: like all new designs its going to have "teething" issues. I'd stick it out if I was you - the Rotron promises to be something that the PPG community has long been waiting for.

It's defineatly worth the wait ................ and its always nice to know the manufacturer of your "toy" is UK based i.e. no having to deal with folk the other end of the EU.

As for one been better than another, or such like ...... sorry, don't have the experience to comment, so I'm going to leave that to others.

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Surely I'm missing a newer thread than this, but it should appear in 'new posts' at any rate.

The first 294 Cyclone (rotron) has now flown in Canada.

I wasn't there, but I saw the video, now you can too...

Oddly enough in editing I noticed the wumwumwum of the rotary idle actually has FOUR peaks in the sound wave rather then the three I expected. Go figger.

Listen for yourself:



It should be noted Spudnick was flying a lot lower wing loading then he is used to, and twice the power.

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I live up near Edinburgh and took delivery of a Cyclone 294 in January which was about a month later than the original intended delivery date. You're correct that it's quite a heavy machine, but comparable with anything that comes close to the same level of thrust.

Here's a video I took from the Cyclone a couple of weeks ago [youtubevideo]


The power is fantastic and I think offsets the weight somewhat as on a forward, low wind launch it can really help you get off the ground.

You'll find a very good, impartial review by Jeff Goin on footflyer.com which I think rings very true. What this doesn't cover however is the manufacturer support which has been exceptional for me thus far. I owned an Adventure A3+ before and any interaction with the manufacturer in France even through a UK distributor was an absolute nightmare leaving me feeling that I was largely on my own. Parts were very expensive also. My experience with Paraject so far has been completely the opposite - I've visited the factory several times and had queries answered by email and text very quickly. Obviously I'm a bit of an early adopter so they'll be keen to ensure I'm happy at this early stage but that's how it is.

Hope this is helpful.

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