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props on ebay


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dont buy any of these props they are total garbage, I bought 1, the guy recons he makes them???? I gave him the dimentions to match the prop I have, the prop came with 2 raps of bubble wrap in a plastic bag, 1 tip is all chewed up, it does not lign up with the mount holes.

the dims are not what I advised, the varnish is well 5 year old could do better the centre boss has a bevel in it bla bla bla

total rubbish, learn from my mistake

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PROPELLOR-PARAMOT ... dZViewItem

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That is silly cheep!

To be honest, I dont know what it is but I would not buy a £50 prop for my motor. I am happy to pay the price for a decent one.

Parajet purchased a load of cheep props a few years back to try out some wooden ones, I seem to remember that most had to go back due the the hole not being in the center of the prop!!

People complain about the cost of Carbon ones as well, but having run a carbon company before, I can say that I would not have made them for £200, more like £400+ for the time and effort involved, but then...that would be an F1 standard prop, and not a polyester resin based fibreglass covered in Carbon prop that we all pay £200+ for.

You get what you pay for with props I recon..


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