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prop pitch measurement, how do you do it


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Hi Gary, the black prop is near enough identical to the genuine Adventure prop that came with the motor. I guess Kyle may have 'rearranged' that one however. I seem to remember a figure of around 15 degrees, but I may be way out on that.

The convention for finding the pitch in degrees is to measure a point 75% out along the blade, place the blade on a level horizontal surface and measure the angle that the chord line of the aerofoil makes to the horizontal at that 75% station. The chord line is the line running from extreme trailing edge to extreme leading edge. A digital level makes it easy.

There are probably calculators on the web to convert the angle into inches, or you can use a bit of trig to work it out. The 'inches' figure is the distance that the prop would advance along it's axis in one complete revolution (assuming no slipage). Americans seem to routinely use inches, but us Europhiles mostly stick to degrees.


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