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Helmets n stuff

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Hi Noel,

The resaon your post bounced back off is because you posted a link in it (and the subject line). We have set the forum to disallow this for new users who have posted less than 5 times as to eliminate spammers.

Welcome 'assuming your not a spammer that is'


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Hi Simon

I'm not a spammer! Just someone who didn't know the rules! :?

I've just been starting to get my head around what I need to paramotor. I trained recently (and am still training!) with Paul Haxby. I'd seen a few recommendations on here, and he was brilliant. I need some stuff, and can't wait to get going properly. I was thinking of going to the UKPPG Fly-in at the weekend to see what useful ideas I could pick up there. I'm mildly apprehensive of going down the 2nd hand route, but can't afford to break the bank either! My current thinking is a new Apco Thrust (I learned on the 2007 model with Paul) and maybe a second hand paramotor (although Paul's own design of paramotor was pretty substantial, which could be a good thing for a rookie!).

Cheers for explaining about the link-in-the-subject thing!


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Do not touch Paramotor Store with a barge pole. They are a complete bunch of thieving ba**ards, who once they have your money, you can forget about ever hearing from them again. If that means they haven't posted out your item, then that'll be your tough luck.

One or two have had successful dealings, but far more have not a good word to say between them.

Ask on just about any of the other PPG/PG/PPC/UL forums and you will get a similar response from people world wide.

I think even 'Click & Buy', a reasonably reputable online payment system, have dropped them after the number of demands for refunds.


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