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Anybody been flying?


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Any one been out flying, nearly went out today but just couldn't get enough work finished so had a fit of conscience and stayed in doing paperwork. I am trying to stop myself moaning about having too much work, especially in the current economic climate. It would be nice to have the summer off and work solid through the winter to make up for it.

anyone used the Kite fields yet? I still haven't been down to meet Geoff to have the site brief, just way too busy.

Hopefully I can sort it out with him at the fly in early September. Anyone going to that?


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Was up for going out tonight after the wind dropped but had to briefly go out at 8 so by the time I was back I'd missed the window.

Looks like tomorrow will be on but go to go out again at 8. If you want to come over to mine an fly 6.30-7.30 your more than welcome.


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Hi Phil

Only just seen the message!! did get the PM about the Tap house though, hopefully meet up for a pint soon.

I got out on Tuesday at around lunchtime, pretty bumpy but good fun anyway. I have a demo Gin Airflex to try out and that was my first flight on it. Lovely wing I realy liked it, looks like the bank ballance is going to take another hammering.

Saturday is looking OK locally if not a bit strong middle of the day, let me know if you fancy a fly.


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