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If you have any news you would like to share please send it to me via paramotornews com website info at paramotornews com I will list interesting videos, up coming demo days, new products, competition etc.. It is not a forum but with the news announcement I will link back to the source or forum page as required.

Tip to tip news for 2010 ? paramania day etc.. Let other pilots know what is going on. Our aim is to create a one stop news site as there are bits all over the net. we support RSS feeds and are not bias towards any one group. Its down to who ever has news to share.

Still adding links and you need to shout up if you want your link added.

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Hi Vince from Custom Air.

I am the bloke that rung you quite a lot and was interested in your motor. Did eventually by a different one from a local/price point of view but I would like to say that I very much appreciated your advice and your willingness to give me your time when I needed to understand what I really wanted/needed. I did get the black devil engine but a different frame!!

So top bloke, people, and very smart looking CustomAir motor too. :):):)


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Hi Flying Doc, Thanks for the kind remarks, so long as you are happy with your purchase and am flying safe all is good.

I like to sell motors but every pilot is different with their requirements and one motor does not fit all types, buy and fly what is best for you. Most of all enjoy it.


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