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Comparing Technical spec

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Been looking at 3 wings, side by side on P@r@2000. Fusion / Obsession 2 / and the Atis 2 which I've flown for a year, but sadly no longer own.

Question. When comparing the top speeds the non reflex wings are tested with pilot weight and harness 54 kph for example. Are the stated speeds of the reflex wings measured with the added weight of a motor or just the pilot and harness 60 kph for example ?


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Thats a very good question.

I THINK ( and will call Pascy tomorrow morning to confirm) that the speed is based on the MAX weight of the glider.


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Tested mass is generally max mass placarded for tested size.

That is, free flight max rated mass. At least from any EN tests or DHV test reports I've seen.

Top speeds, for the most part, are a function of marketing until real data gets collected.

Fusion size "X" @ xxxkg = xxkm/hr for example

While a 105kg payload on a fusion 29 in testing might run 60km/hr full bar free flight, cage drag (for same all up mass) will change that.

I'm interested in Pascy's response, but bet a pint on free flight max mass tested speeds only - at least in certification.

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