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Top80 spark advance?


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I have a top80 engine under service and I`m having a little problem with adjusting the spark advance. Does someone know how to adjust spark advance with this engine? Or does someone know where to find this information, Thank You!

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You will have to take the engine off the paramotor frame, drill out the rivets on the back plate and take it off. Take off the flywheel. There is a line on the the side of the flywheel. Adjust the crankshaft so that it is 0.045 to 0.050 inches below top dead center. Re-fit the flywheel so that the line (or lines) are aligned with the wedge shaped edge of the ignition coil and tighten. Your ignition timing should be correct now. There are a few posts and pictures on the Yahoo top80 group if I remember correctly. Hope this helps.



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