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Carbon Prop Repair

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Hello every one, been reading the forums for some time picking up useful and not so useful information, so I thought I would contribute a couple of things myself which may be of benefit others. Firstly, I had a mishap some time ago resulting in damaged tips on my carbon props, I successfully repaired the tips myself using Q-Bond, having been told about this product by a car body repair garage. It is very easy to use, the repair kit consists of reinforcing powders and powerful adhesive which will help you to repair almost anything particularly carbon props as I have found, Q-Bond is used by professionals in the car body repair industry.

After rebalancing which is a must, I have flown some 100 hours with no problems at all, the props are as good as new, so if you are unfortunate to have damaged your props and you want to have ago at repairing them yourself try Q-Bond, you'll be amazed how easy it is to use. There doesn't seem allot of powder in the kit but it only took half a bottle to repair the 4 damaged tips, the repair to 4 tips cost me about £4.00, and a couple hrs labour pretty amazing, repair kits start from £8 to £25. I found Q-Bond extremely light weight and incredibly strong.

Skyflash Strobe, I have fitted this to the top cage on the monster, It looks the business really neat which was important to me as alternatives looked ugly, very, very bright, bit expensive but fantastic piece of kit.


We have the technology!

FB Monster,

synth 34.

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