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Volution Carbon Blade - 'Spare'


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Having smashed a single blade, (having had a wing collapse on me on a nil wind takeoff and getting same lines caught before I could cut the engine) I wondered what the feasibility was of finding a spare good one somebody my have saved after having damaged one of their own.

Not sure of any compatibility issues, as I assume all three would in theory have to be the same weight, but my current one all have different numbers written on them and I wouldn't have thought there would be that much difference in different batches, but then I could be wrong. If so, someone may have one laying around that matches my 2 good ones.

I know the new ones look good with the Parajet logo on them, but I'd prefer to just make a good offer for someones 'spare' instead !

Advice / offers welcome.

Hoping to attend the Fly in, if I can get a starter motor from Parajet, which has been on order for the last 3 weeks, unless someone has got a spare one of these as well !


Geoff :D


Synthisis 31

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