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Dear Team,

Sorry I missed the meeting. Simon had briefed with what happened. I propose to be at the flyin next month on the weekend of the 8th, so It would be good to gather again to update what you guys have dome since may 8th.

I am talking to my contacts in television, and with Simons mate Simon who wrk on the flying car project. . With what we have all dome in the past year, we should be able to get something really good off the ground. My angle is to propose a shoot in 3d, and I have been working in this medium for the past few months, and it appear TV networks are looking for this type of material now urgently. This also applies to cinema, as all cinemas are going 3d!

The advantages of shooting this, it can be edited as a normal 2d film for TV or cinema cinema. This opens up the potentional for IMAX.

The production company I am working with in France has just produced this new film. Winning loads of awards.......

May not be about Flying, but they produce action stuff, but the producer likes extreme sports.

The French have funding from the goverment, and they are looking to produce more 3d film with people in, rather than fish and animals.

3d is more complicated to shoot, and it has its problems, but it had an amazing experience, especially on big screen....

This could be a great way to show off what we do, as flying in 3D is amazing.... Especially on a 25m screen. Imagine, Pete that big...

Sounds all interesting. Lets all plan for something really big.

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