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Fuel Dye

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I have been having trouble seeing the fuel level in my tank, as I just have a thin sight tube on the side of a solid aluminium tank. I have been pondering ways to make the level more visible with things like white card behind the tube, chevrons like the water level gauges on old boilers etc.

I have managed to track down some petrol dye that gives the fuel a much darker blue colour which makes it really visible. If anyone wants to try some, for whatever reason, let me know. You only have to add about 1ml to 20 litres, so a teaspoon will do you 100 litres :-). Cheap as chips when they are selling it normally in quantities for companies to dye thousands of gallons to help stop pilferage. I just bought what they called a sample bottle (100ml I think, that's 2000 litres worth) less than a tenner and they are even including a free second sample bottle with every web order.

Phil (aka 'PK' as I'm resurrecting an old nick-name now I can go faster). :twisted:

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