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Personal Injury Insurance Question

Guest Wodens

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A quick question that I would be grateful for advice on....

This weekend I travel over to Airvault as one of the guinea pigs for the PMC Instructor Training that is going on over there. I have pretty much got everything ready with just one exception - insurance.

I've spent some time looking online for a decent policy that will at least get my mangled remains back to the UK if I fly into a barn door or something, but other than a product offered by VentureGuard can find nothing else. I've even spoken to a couple of companies who have stated they'll cover me for microlight flying, but when I've explained the difference they have quickly withdrawn their offer.

If anyone has got any advice I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


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I'd looked at this Neil and found nothing... If I worry about this too much, I'll think about the sport does for your normal life insurance or DIS benefits at work.

My view is that I'll seek sporting "third party" insurance (available through most insurerance policies as an extra - normally for skiing, private flying and all that).

Trouble is with dedicated focused insurance, rather than general higher risk sports, it's a good opportunity for people to make money during bad times...

Be intersted to hear how you get on...

Tried to call today, but couldn't find your number... Have a great time - very jealous - I've booked some time with Simon when I get back form China.

Happy flying.... :D:lol:


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